ABC or Multi-Purpose Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers by Amerex

ABC fire extinguishers are perhaps the most common fire extinguishers. Amerex ABC fire extinguishers are rugged, easy to use and economical to maintain / service. ABC fire extinguishers are ideal for many applications, including home and office. These fire extinguishers are available in several convenient and manageable sizes (2.5lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, and larger).


  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Stored Pressure Design
  • Dependable Drawn Steel Cylinders
  • Durable High Gloss Polyester Powder Paint
  • All Metal Valve Construction
  • Temperature Range -65°F to 120°F
  • Large Loop
  • Pull Pin
  • Bar Coded
  • Bi-lingual Labels

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